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About the Department

B.Tech with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science degree program has experienced an increasing demand in the Global market over the last few years. It is powered by the disruption in the use of Internet, substantial usage of smart phones, innovations in social media, online banking, etc. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Students are transformed to industry ready professionals by building smart machines with cutting edge technologies.

This curriculum aims to enhance the following key attributes among students:

  • The program encompasses emerging areas in the field of Data Science, Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics through application-oriented and student-centric learning.
  • The program fosters students to get expertise in critical skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Product development, scripting languages and Mathematical modeling.
  • Acquire meaningful insights in the areas of natural language processing, text mining, robotics, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Create and design intelligent solutions to real time Business applications.

Academic Year 2023-24 (ODD Semester)

1. MA3344 Discrete Mathematics
2. CS3351 Digital Principles & Computer Organization
3. AD3391 Database Design & Management
4. AD3351 Design & Analysis Of Algorithms
5. AD3301 Data Exploration & Visualization
6. AL3391 Artificial Intelligence


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